I work with individuals, leaders & visionaries. 


What will we do in our sessions?

We’ll engage in meaningful, present conversation.

We’ll engage in meaningful, present silence.

We’ll engage in simple physical practices that unite the body & voice with thoughts & feelings.

We may engage in hands-on Somatic Bodywork.

We’ll do some writing.


What changes will I notice through the process of Somatic Coaching?

Throughout the coaching process, you may notice an increased capacity to:

  • Articulate what you care about, what you want & what you want to change

  • Cultivate skills to  embody your commitments

  • Increase ability to stay grounded in times of conflict and uncertainty

  • Listen more deeply and holistically

  • Connect to your body (your Self)

  • Be more present to others

  • Trust yourself and your instincts

  • Connect to a center of effective action, emotional balance, mental alertness & spiritual vision

  • Embody skillful leadership and presence