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October 22nd 2018, 5PM @ Mindspace San Francisco

Embodying Your Process is a workshop designed for creatives and professionals who long to identify and connect to their intuition and purpose, then skillfully move projects from ideation to realization. Through somatic practices designed to quiet the mind and engage the body's wisdom, participants learn to deepen their connection to embodied sensation, release blockages and quell self-doubt, inhabit their visions with confidence, and craft an actionable commitment to their process.

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November 1st, 12PM @ Impact Hub Oakland

Voice & Vision is designed for individuals who long to increase connection to purpose and flow, upskill performance, and move their visions from ideation to realization. Leveraging neurobiology, action-oriented communication, and the body's inherent wisdom, you will utilize somatic practices designed to quiet the mind, articulate your objectives, and identify potential obstacles to fulfilling those objectives. You’ll learn to expand your capacity for skillful action, and craft a meaningful, whole-body commitment to live, work, and lead with purpose and dignity - even when faced with the same old pressures.

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TBD January 2019 @ Rare Bird Oakland

Actually, I’m An Artist is a workshop designed for those who long to fully embody their artistic identify and claim ownership of their creative voice. Through somatic practices designed to increase sensation and leverage whole-body thinking, participants will get out of their heads, move through blockages and quell self-doubt, ultimately inhabiting their creativity with confidence. As a group, we will learn how to move from ideation to realization within our own artistic projects, and craft actionable commitments to the creative process. Facilitated by Oakland-based somatic coach and artist Lindsay Leopold, MFA.

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